Saturday, May 9, 2015

Integration-fundraising & networking
a win-win event for everyone

CHF 1839.90 for the Congo

Thank you & Dankeschön

Hilti, Oerlikon Blazers, Concordia, Stadt Buchs, UBS

Vereine/Institutionen die das Rally mitgestalteten
BZB, Playhouse, Schule Buchs, Sprachencafé, Outdoor and more, Gemüse Schlegel, Bibliothek, Ludothek, Musikschule, FamilienTreff, 
MINTEGRA-Frauentreff, Tagesfamilienverein, Vetsch & Koller, Schloss Werdenberg, Internationale Schule Buchs, Censeo Relocation

Material /Preise für das Rally und die Tombola

EWBuchs, Buchs Medien, BZB, Concordia, Familientreff, Bibliothek, Ludothek, FamielienTreff, Playhouse, Gemüse Schlegel, Tchibo, And’s Äpfel, Hilti, Mobiliar, Musikschule

Our teams - almost all of them!
Sorry if we did not picture you...

In the Newspaper "Rheinzeitung" on Wednesday

In the Newspaper W&O on Tuesday

In the Sunday Newspaper "LIEWO"

(Korrektur: Unser Projekt will eben nicht von der Kohlenproduktion leben!)

Thank you for your help


At 1pm the Rally started...

From one station to another in 2 hours 45 minutes

Ladies and gentlemen 
that's it for 2015.

See you maybe in May 2016
If you have an idea on how we could organise this 
Rally in another way, with new ideas,
let me know.

For the time being have a nice summer!!
Claudia Doron